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grave issues

GRAVITY by Leanne Lieberman (Orca Books, October 2008) deals with an Orthodox Jew, Ellie, who is wrestling with more than her fair share of demons. Her older sister is planning to leave and go to college far away from home despite her parents' plans to the contrary. Her maternal grandmother can sometimes be critical of Ellie's family's adherence to their Orthodox faith. And now Ellie has feelings for Lindsay, the teen who is staying at a cabin neat Ellie's grandmother. How can Ellie reconcile what her faith teaches about homosexuality with her growing acceptance that she is attracted to Lindsay?

Though some teens will struggle with some of the terminology (there is a glossary provided), this is an interesting and rather unique story. Unique in that we have a teen who is fervent about her religion (there are not too many out there in YA land about teens and faith) and who is coming to terms with her sexuality. Now that I have dispensed with my VOYA review, I can move on to some of the other titles that came in the mail. CHAINS by our own Laurie Halse Anderson is next, I think.

No convention watching for me. Hubby watched some earlier and came to bed griping about it. I do not think my pinched nerve will benefit from my screaming at the TV. So, I will surf for some old reruns and wait for the pundits in the morning.
Tags: jewish characters, new ya books, religion
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