professornana (professornana) wrote,

political humor for Dems, er Angry Left people, only..keep moving you Repubs

Over at some of the listservs folks are making a ruckus about the Palin nomination and her participation in the firing of a librarian who refused to remove books Palin found objectionable. Just in time for Banned Books Week, right? Then, today my hubby and I were in the bookstore (hot date: kids in school, we are in bookstore) and saw a political display, a tad slanted toward what now is being termed the ANGRY LEFT (did anyone else notice this phrase creeping into the speeches at the Republican convention?).

But here are two I loved (they were in separate sections on another floor of the bookstore).

Um, penicillin is one of them.

And then this one which I read aloud in the store:

Dead on parody.

I needed the laugh. We all do.
Tags: politics
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