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No cover to show you here, but you can see the cover at Sarah's blog (saraclaradara). I loved Sarah's first book, CONFESSIONS OF A CLOSET CATHOLIC. If you have not read it, find a copy and enjoy it. Her latest book, PURGE, takes readers into the dark secretive word of teens with eating disorders. Janie is bulimic. She finds herself in Golden Slopes treatment center along with other Barfers and Starvers (anorexics). At first, she cannot bring herself to tell the truth about her illness; mostly that is because she herself is hiding from the real truth of her behavior. However, with the assistance of friends, family, and the personnel at Golden Slopes, Janie comes to realize she must face the entire truth and then find the courage to move forward.

No easy answers here. I found myself wanting to step into the book and slap sense into a few of the characters and certainly wanted to offer Janie a shoulder and a sympathetic ear. Littman's book is certain to be one that teens will find honest; this is a book that will get great traction from friend to friend, deservedly so.

Drove down to Laredo today to teach a YA lit class tomorrow. Back home Sunday in advance of the hurricane, I hope. Almost done with the audio that accompanied me on the 7 hour journey here. Will report on that tomorrow with any luck.
Tags: eating disorders, purge, ya books
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