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more picture books

After I finished putting together the presentation for the ALSC Institute in Salt Lake City in September (anyone else going?) and a presentation for the librarians in Alief ISD (My old school district), I took a break and read some of the cool new picture books sent to me by Simon and Schuster. Lots of language play and rhyming going on in these. As school begins (the kids are on Day #3 and already I have had to buy books they need to read), perhaps these might be a welcome change from the stuff in the basals and anthologies?

Seven knights get to boogie an the annual Madcap Monster Ball. Sir Vivor, Sir Cumference, Sir Prise and Sir Veillance among others join in with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other assorted creatures of the night. Illustrations are by Mark Siegel.

I love this concept: a monster who comes in the middle of the night and CLEANS!

When Bear is caught out late in a thunderstorm, his friends head out to rescue him.

Stayed up late last night to hear Hillary's speech and this book struck a chord for me. A kid decides to run for President since life if not fair (shades of the residents of the back bedroom). His VP? His dog. Nice twist at the end, too.

Back to presentations. I have one more to get together for September, an all day workshop in South Texas. Some of them are former students, so I need some new material and jokes.
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