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the beating heart

AM Jenkins' forthcoming novel, THE BEATING HEART, is a haunting story, both literally and metaphorically. Evan, 17, has just moved with his mother and sister into an old home. He is not happy with the move even though it did not mean changing schools or being without his girlfriend Catherine. Evan does not like the old home even after it has been renovated for his family. There is something about the house that haunts him in his sleep. The story unfolds in two voices. One voice is Evan's. The other voice is poetic and that of a young woman named Cora who lived in the house long ago. The two stories intertwine with Jenkins weaving between the two effortlessly and masterfully (can you tell I really like this book?). The two stories collide in a shattering climax (pun intended) that frees Cora from her existence as a ghost within the house and likewise frees Evan from a few of his personal demons. From BREAKING BOXES to DAMAGE to BEATING HEART, Jenkins demonstrates her exceptional storytelling talent.
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