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39 Clues

There has been some considerable hype about this new series from Scholastic. Leading off the series is Rick Riordan of the Percy Jackson series. In Book #1 (due in September 2008) we meet the Cahill Clan following the death of its matriarch. Amy and Dan, who believed somehow that their beloved Grace would leave her mansion and perhaps some of her fortune to them. However, Grace's will reveals that her survivors have a choice to make: take their inheritance of $1 million or accept a clue that might lead them to fame and fortune and power. Now the race has begun to uncover all the clues and discover what Grace has left behind for the victor.

Subsequent books will be written by other authors. Each book contains clue cards (librarians will do well to create copies in order to ensure their longevity) and readers are invited to visit the web site and join in the hunt. Prizes, mysteries, adventure: this series has all the makings for one that will be popular with tweens.
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