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some relief from the heat

Lots of rain this afternoon. Perfect for reading. I flunked the MRI this morning because I could not stay flat on my back without screaming pain. So, who knows what is next? But I did get time to read; that is the good news of the day.

Scarlett is one of the Martin clan, a family who runs a seen-better-days hotel in NYC. Scarlett's birthday is not exactly going as she wished. For starters, the family has had to let the rest of the staff go. Scarlett will now inherit her own room to care for in the hotel. And just in time for in sweeps Mrs. Amberson who hires Scarlett as her personal assistant and soon becomes involved in the lives of the Martin children. Before too long, Scarlett and Mrs. A are helping mount an unusual production of "Hamlet" featuring Scarlett's brother Spencer and his new friend, Eric.

Summer holds many possibilities for Scarlett and her family. Mrs. Amberson is a force to be reckoned with for sure. And the stirrings of love seem to be in the air for Scarlett as well. Romance, the theater, vintage NYC stories, and family dynamics all combine to make this a perfect read for a summer's day.
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