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Skulduggery is back and he is still as deliciously funny and deeply ironic as he was in the first installment in his story. Last year, the audio of the first book was honored with an Odyssey Honor Award. Book #2, now out in audio, simply reminded me why I so loved this production. Skulduggery's voice rumbles in his deep basso profundo. The rattling of his bones and whispered "yeah" and muffled screams still note chapter endings, and the characterizations of the heroes and the villians is simply brilliant. Rupert Degas does some verbal gymnastics as he flicks back and forth between the teenaged Valkyrie Caine, the nefarious Billy Ray Sanguine (with his Texas accent), and the sinister rasping of Dusk.

Derek Landy's creations come to life in this audiobook, one that is certain to appeal to those who love battles, magic, adventure, vampires, blood, and HUMOR.

Here is Scout's new reaction to seeing me with the camera. "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille."

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