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Norma Fox Mazer's new book, WHAT I BELIEVE, is a novel in verse about the Marnet family. When Vicki's father loses his job, the family's fortunes change drastically. They are forced to sell their suburban home and take an apartment. Mom has to get a job; Dad ends up flipping burgers and still ends do not meet. Vicki changes to a new school and finally makes a new friend in Sara. However, Vicki still does not have a confidante, someone to whom she can tell all her worries. Dad disappears and now there is a new person in the apartment, living in Vicki's room as a boarder. All this change and no one to tell. The only thing that keeps Vicki sane is her journal writing. In sestinas and other poetic forms, Vicki confides her fears and worries. Will the writing be enough to help her cope with all the turmoil in her life. Like KEEHSA'S HOUSE, Mazer explores more than a novel in verse format. Her poems resound with the voice of Vicki, making her more believable to readers. Mazer has a knack for creating memorable characters who face daunting obstacles. WHAT I BELIEVE is another example of her working her craft magic.
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