professornana (professornana) wrote,

end of waiting

A new book by Ed Young is always a wonderful gift to receive. Thanks to Victoria Stpleton, this one came in the mail to ne today. WABI SABI (Little Brown, September 2008), written by Mark Reibstein and illustrated by Ed Young, is one the picture books I will use with older readers this coming week as I talk to teachers and librarians. Wabi Sabi is a cat who learns that her name has a special meaning, one that is difficult to define. Thus, begins her journey to find the true meaning of her name and, of course, to learn all about wabi sabi. Evocatively simple text and illustrations (cut paper collage) are perfectly matched. Each double page spread (and this book opens and reads in a unique way) contains poems. Some are haiku from Wabi Sabi's observations. Others are in Japanese and adorn the illustrations. Translations are at the end of the book. Sumptuous and simple and simply superb.
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