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more waiting, more reading

The lovely Victoria Stapleton sent me a goodie bag today with BREAKING DAWN (already taken hostage by one of the resident teens) and this picture book:

THE DAY LEO SAID I HATE YOU! (Little Brown, September 2008) is the collaborative effort of Robie Harris and Molly Bang. Leo has had it with his mother and her saying NO all day. He retreats to his room and draws a rather unflattering picture of her (on the wall). When mother tells him he cannot draw on the wall, Leo loses it and tells her he hates her. Instantly, he wants to shove the words back into his mouth.

The story is a tad reminiscent of a cross between NO DAVID and WHEN MOLLY GETS ANGRY, REALLY REALLY ANGRY. That is not to say, though that is not wholly unique and wonderful. The colors convey the strong emotions; the text makes some interesting movement, becoming a part of the art itself. The story is spot on a reflection of the emotions and reactions not just of little children but all of us.
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