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waiting and reading

Doctor's office: great place to read. Quiet, lots of time spent waiting. So went this afternoon. I finally caved and went to see the doc about what I suspected might be a pinched nerve in my neck. Appears I am a good diagnostician though he is asking for an MRI in addition to the x-rays from today. In any event, I managed to finish reading one of the books sent to me to review for the SIGNAL Journal. SIGNAL is the Special Interest Group Network on Adolescent Literature of the International Reading Association. I have been president of this group and still write book reviews for them Here is one of the books I finished this afternoon.

After starting a food fight, Molly and Cassie are sentenced to duty in the school cafeteria. The principal figures that working side by side will make the two teens see eye to eye. Not. Going. To, Happen. Molly and Cassie cause even more pandemonium, forcing the head lunch lady to resign. So, for their consequence (the school does not believe in punishment), they must now cook and serve the lunches for their small private school until the daily comments show an approval rating of more than 50%. Molly and Cassie discover more than the true ingredients of the "dirty dozen" recipes recycled week after week by the lunchroom staff. They also learn how to deal with one another and how to prepare simple yet good meals.

The cover, showing Molly with her electric blue hair, does not do justice to the contents of the book, I think. It is more than a fluffy meringue. It has the substance it needs to show teen relationships in all of their angst-ridden glory.
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