professornana (professornana) wrote,

sleepy Saturday

This time last week I was on a bus tour of the Napa Valley. Today: home with no place to go. So, I am in my jammies catching up on some reading, some writing, and some laundry. Here is the book I read this morning:

THE NEW YORK FOUR (Minx, 2008) is the story of Riley, a freshman at NYU still living at home with her overprotective parents. Riley is connected via her umbilical cord of a cell phone. She lives for texting. That seems to be her replacement for a real life. Enter Riley's estranged sister, Angie, and three of Riley's classmates from her freshman English class. Merissa, Lona, and Ren want to move out of the dorms and into an off campus apartment. Riley might have a lead on a place. Can the four of them be friends and live together?

There are many complications in this graphic novel not the least of which is a mysterious online crush who keeps texting Riley. Readers learn about each of the four girls through a series of interviews conducted as part of a beta testing of SATs, another little bit of intrigue, too. There are many loose ends here begging to be caught up in more stories about the NY Four.

And now, back to some more reading.
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