professornana (professornana) wrote,

IASL preconference

Even though the sun is still shining here on the west coast, it is bedtime for me. Today, Rosemary Chance and I did our 3 hour preconference on booktalking. We knew we had a small group signed up, but it was certainly a wonderful group of folks. We had Werner from Austria, Misoko and Miyaka from Tokyo, Ruth from Mendocino, Enid from Canada via Australia. I had brought books with me so each of them went back home with 2 books from the U.S. We also talked in depth about booktalking for 3 hours.

After lunch, Rosemary and I attended Kristin's workshop on podcasting. By the end of the afternoon, we created a podcast entitled LIFE SUCKS AND SO DO VAMPIRES, some quick booktalks with sucking noises in the background. How cool are we?

Now, I am going to curl up with a book and fight to stay awake until sunset.
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