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planes, well you know the rest

It is one LONG flight from Houston to San Francisco and a long drive over the Bay Bridge to Berkeley. Now we are in the land of the cool for a few days. I read two books.

Here is a collection of one act plays by Newbery winning authors such as Sharon Creech, Avi, Richard Peck, and Katherine Paterson. The editor asked each author to pick one word and to work it into the play in some way, shape, or form. Since I am in the middle of the new WIP professional book, of course I made pairings and did some reading ladders with each of the plays. My favorite: tough call, but I did love THE RAVEN by Sharon Creech about a young Edgar Allan Poe negotiating with a 21st century editor who just might be interested in buying the rights to his work, "The Raven" with a few suggested changes (title, opening line, length etc.).

Then, when I finished that book, I read this one:

I have adored the books of Gordon Korman from the first antics of Bruno and Boots at MacDonald Hall. In THE JUVIE THREE (Hyperion, September 2008), Korman gives us three kids from juvenile detention centers who are being asked to take part in a new experimental program. Arjay, Terence, and Gecko are taken on by Douglas Healy and told they have this one chance to prove and redeem themselves. Well, things are not going well and one night Doug falls from the apartment's balcony and the boys rush him to the hospital. They leave him at the E. R. and rush back home hoping Doung will return the next day and all will be well. However, Doug's condition is serious and even when he awakens from his coma, he has retrograde amnesia. Can the boys manage to stick together? Is this the end of the line for them? This was an interesting book not typical of Korman's work to date at all. The boys are fully fleshed characters who do not always make the best decisions. Their reasoning reflects their past; it is hard to learn new ways of thinking, new ways of dealing with stress and obstacles.

All in all, a lovely flight. Two terrific books, smooth flight, on time arrival. Dinner at DEAD FISH which was delicious. Now, for some relaxation before IASL gets underway.
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