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graphic novels for younger readers

Teachers and librarians, rejoice. Here is BabyMouse, two graphic novels in one book sure to please the younger crowd wanting to read books like their older brothers and sisters. Jennifer Holm (Newbery Honor medalist for OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA) and her brother have teamed up with this nifty set of stories about BabyMouse and her arch enemy Felicia Furrypaws. Graphics are mostly black and white with touches of pink, BabyMouse's signature color, and rather reminiscent in this way of Olivia by Ian Falconer. BabyMouse loathes mornings, math, and mean people, and her homeowrk eating locker at school. She fears dodge ball and not being invited to Felicia Furrypaw's slumber party. Her best friend is Wilson the Weasel who manages to comfort her when she is down. This book contains two stories in format similar to traditional graphic novels: back to front. BabyMouse, Queen of the World and BabyMouse, Our Hero will delight young readers with their wit and wackiness.
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