professornana (professornana) wrote,

WFMAD almost to the finish line

Despite HUGE problems with connectivity (now fixed as you can see) I still set up the laptop and did my WFMAD. I am pleased to report that I also heard from my editor who told me she is behind in her reading but is enjoying what she has read thus far. Can you hear the sigh of relief?

I now have my third new broadband card in 36 hours. This one is finally working. The tech folks at Verizon have been kind souls. Do not ask me about some of the people in the store where I ended up purchasing yet another broadband item today, though.....But no one is dead.

Did some back to school shopping with the resident teens. Found spiral notebooks for a nickel! I might have to go back and buy another 40 (that's two whole dollars).

Tune in tonight for the ALAN chat with Cynthia Leitich Smith. She is TANTALIZING!

And look for a post soon about a SOUL-ful LJ author.

Here is Scout scowling at me. Who knows what I did?

With one day to go, here is the grand total for WFMAD: over 26,000 words. Proof indeed that just a little change can create some gargantuan results. Thanks, Laurie! I intend to go beyond tomorrow's finish line, not only because there is another chapter to go plus tons of revisions, but also because I am enjoying taking the time for ME to write. I think I have more to say....of course, I do. When have I been speechless? And there is some little speech thingie I promised a chickin I would do.....
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