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It seems as though my audiobooks of late have wandered to the nonfiction aisles and into the adult market. I finished up listening to Mary Tillman's BOOTS ON THE GROUND BY DUSK. As most of you know, Pat Tillman was a young football star who enlisted in the service and was sent to Iraq. He was killed in action and awarded a silver star. Later, too much later, the family was informed that Tillman's death had been due to friendly fire. The silver star and the story concocted by officials was used as propaganda for the war. Tillman's book moves effortlessly between her memories of Pat as a child, teen, and adult to her growing incredulity and then anger at the cover up conducted after his death. It is an amazing story, emblematic of a mother's love and a mother's fierce need to protect her child. While Mary Tillman is not a professional narrator, I cannot imagine anyone else doing the narration. The weariness, the bristling reaction to lie after lie, the fondness and love she feels for her son: all shine through in this heartbreaking book.

Tie this one to WAR IS edited by Patty Campbell and Marc Aronson.

WFMAD update: time spent writing 20 minutes
words appearing magically on the screen: zero
words wrenched from my fatigued brain: 250

Now, I am off to shower and paint the face and tell folks here in Fort Worth about some good new YA. Should be a fun day.
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