professornana (professornana) wrote,

Time to reaad

Airplanes are the best places to read. Literally, there is nothing else to do. We sat on ours for a while before being cleared for take off (of course), so it meant I finished this book and began reading another before touch down (Late as well). Here is the one Linda Benson sent me to read for a VOYA review:

I never received the first book, SPUD, but I am definitely wanting to get my hands on it to get the back story of Gecko and his death. However, this was an hilarious read from start to finish. I loved the humor, the odd professors, the crazy dorm mates, all of it. And I am a girl, not the audience for this book at all, I think. Spud (so nicknamed because they have not descended) is now in his second term. He and his dorm buddies are still getting into loads of trouble and now they get to pick on the first termers. What could be better? Well, not being dumped by his girlfriend for one. Not having his mother and father and the crazy grandmother known as The Wombat show up and embarrass him for another. It is a year of ups and downs and new experiences. And it is all wonderfully warm and funny and profane. I do not know how kids here received it with some of the South Africa settings and references. However, it is one I intend to recommend for reluctant readers.

It is due out on my birthday (October 16) from Razorbill. Now I have the delicious SOUL ENCHILADA to dive into....
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