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Saturday WFMAD

It is hard to believe that the month is coming to an end. I am eternally grateful to Laurie Halse Anderson for this challenge. I do not recall a time, other than under a looming deadline, that I have spent as much time writing as I have this month.

I spent some time writing in between the pounding going on behind us: new roof being installed. Scout has fled for another part of the house where it is quieter though he does come into the bedroom from time to time to ask if I could make it stop. With any luck, they will finish the roof soon and we can go back to the usual Saturday noises: lawnmowers.

We are without the residents of the back room today courtesy of their older sister and bride-to-be. Guess what we will do: go buy a new covering for our bed. We are an old married couple for sure. The picture of the day is Scout on "HIS" shelf in the kitchen. I really did have plans for these shelves. He permits me to use one for my cooking supplies. The middle one has stuff on it that is easily moved to one side so he can climb onto the top shelf and watch the world and the ceiling fan. Right now he is on the top of the bookcase in the middle room napping against a basket of sea shells. What a cat!

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