professornana (professornana) wrote,

WFMAD for a rainy Thursday

It was nice to sleep in until almost 7 this morning. I like getting time to write before the residents of the back room are up and functioning. Chapter Four is coming along nicely, I think. I managed to hack away and come up with about 500 words. I am still not sure where Chapter 5 will end up but I am trying to focus on the one in front of me and not worry too much about the one ahead. We have had a nice soaking rain this morning courtesy of TS Dolly 400 miles south of us. So, the A/C is getting a much needed break and the sun is still mostly behind clouds.

Here is Scout in all his laid back glory. Nice to see he has not a care in the world. No one will come along and mess with him, especially when he is sleeping all sprawled on the sofa.

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