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final picture books

WONDER BEAR is a textless wonder. Two children plant seeds and head off to dreamland. In the night, a stalk grows. From this wondrous plant comes a bear with a blue hat who takes the children on a grand adventure before returning them safely to bed. The wonder of textless books is that they can be used with almost all students. Reading problems and language issues are not as insurmountable with wordless books. And this one is visually stunning. The illustrator is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC and this was her master's thesis.

Finally, we have FRANKENSTEIN TAKES THE CAKE, a compendium of poems about Frank's impending wedding day. Adam Rex gives us three "Edgar Allan Poem"s in the rhythm and rhyme scheme of "The Raven" plus blog entries from the Headless Horseman. As Frank's mother in law plans a wedding (and so soon after laying out tons of money for a funeral, no less), things are bound to get out of hand. A comic strip with Dracula Junior (who looks suspiciously like Charlie Brown with a widow's peak) and the raven hopping across the final double page spreads telling readers to go away just add to the hilarity.

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