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LULU DARK CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS by Bennett Madison takes Nancy Drew into this new millennium and beyond. Lulu and her pals become embroiled in the mystery of who stole Lulu's purse. In the course of tracking down her purse, Lulu discovers an even bigger mystery about Berlin Silver, a new student at Orchard School, who has been missing for at least a week. When a body washes up with Berln's signature silver shark tattoo, Lulu is intrigued. She is so not a girl sleuth but the situation demands she don her best disguise and dig to the bottom of the purse, Sally Hansen, Berlin Silver mystery.

It is all about voice here. Madison imbues Lulu with a distinctive voice, making her seem more real than Nancy ever was (well, I longed to be Nancy when I was a kid). Lulu is a snarky kind of gal, one who can actually solve a complex mystery. Lulu's exploits in Halo City include some thinly disguised real life people perhaps. Can the Stratford twins be the Hiltons? Who are Lulu's parents really? The book is light and breezy, rather like I imagine Lulu's perfume must be. It will be interesting to see teen response to this book which has been nominated for QP.
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