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my internetz haz been down

The university server is still down. So, if anyone has sent me email, I am not ignoring you (yet). Since I could not get online at the office yesterday, I read some of the picture books that have been threatening to tumble off the stack on my desk. So, here are some of the ones I think I will use in some way with tweens and teens.

Parody is flattery, right? This parody is spot on and a hoot for those of us who spent hours reading this book to our kids every night. GOODNIGHT GOON: A PREHISTORIC PARODY has slime green endpages and a very familiar room with some gruesome inhabitants.

You always know with Patricia Polacco that you are going to get a heartfelt story, and this is no exception. Autumn is a tiny kitten who enters into the life of a young teacher and even brings her together with her true love. Nice tribute to the power of the feline to capture our hearts and lives.

Like ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA, this book chronicles information about vampires and other creatures of our nightmares. Vampires A to Z and other bits and pieces of knowledge are accompanied by dark illustrations on ancient looking "paper" to lend an air of authenticity.

More books to come in another post.
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