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WFMAD for a Monday

I had to wait until this evening for some time to write. I went in to the office intending to get some work done this morning. Of course, this was the day that the server went down. So no email and no internet from the office. I did manage a 2 hour lunch with Rosemary Chance, my friend and colleague, so all was not lost. Came home with cold cuts for dinner since it is triple digits today. After cooling off for a while, I sat down and began to hammer out some more of Chapter 4. Gosh, I am liking what I am doing with this. Sure hope the editor does, too.

Words: 300+ Scout says no more tonight. He wants to play and then be fed.

Here is Scout hiding out in my computer bag. Whenever I begin to pack, he always makes sure there is room for him to come along.
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