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OK, you get the idea. The dust bunnies were getting to be the size of Scout, so it was time to tackle some house work. I know that is writing avoidance. But I actually use writing as housework avoidance as well, so there is some balance. The house is now free of bunnies (except for the back of the house where the teens reside) and I have managed to put together two of the pages for our annual literature conference packet which needs to go online in a few more weeks. (Kathi Appelt, Patrick Jones, David Small, and John Green are our keynoters this year).

I put together some stuff in the crock pot so I could go back to writing for a few more hours. Chapter Four is coming along slowly. However, some of that is deliberate since I want to hear back from my editor before getting too much further. And also because I am trying out some really new stuff. I have been talking about it in presentations and the response has been quite positive. But it is not always easy to take something from presentation to paper (at least for me). I am also trying to bring in some of the work of Friendman and Daniel Pink in terms of what our kids need for 21st century literacy.

WFMAD update: 2 pieces of the brochure plus 350+ words on the book

Today's photo is the view from our balcony in St. Thomas. Sigh. Would love to be there right now...

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