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the compound

THE COMPOUND by S. A. Bodeen was the second audiobook we took with us to San Angelo. We never began it then as the kids got so caught up in IDENTICAL. However, over the past week or so we have spent enough time in the car to listen to this thrilling novel. Eli and most of his family made it into the compound before the nuclear explosions rocked the rest of the world. For six years, Eli and his family have lived underground, alone. Survival has its costs. For Eli the cost has been his relationship with the rest of his family. He lives inside himself most of the time not wanting to be touched or to touch others. Now, things are getting more desperate in the compound. Some of the food supplies are ruined; others will run out before enough safe time has passed. After 6 years underground, Eli's father's behavior has become more erratic as well. Will the family survive the compound?

There are quite a few surprises in this survival tale. And the audiobook possesses the perfect pace to convey the tension and heighten the suspense. Narrator, Christopher Lane, breathes life into Eli and his family members. He avoids one of the real pitfalls when voicing a teen and does not make Eli sound child-like or adult0like. Eli sounds much like any teen. The single voiced narration creates characters with tone and pitch. The resident teens and I enjoyed this listening experience enormously.
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