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WFMAD for Saturday

Must hop into shower (well, actually not much hopping at my age) and get ready for the bridal shopping trip. Did manage to get up a little earlier and write for a while. I am hesitant to do much with the final two chapters until I hear back from my editor on the first three. But I am forging ahead, confident that I have something to say. Working on a professional book, I know, is different from what many of the rest of you are doing. I have the utmost respect and am awed by those who can write poetry, novels, and the like. I prefer what I do. And in a way, it is storytelling in a different venue. The reason I read books by Atwell and Allen and others is that they have a voice to them. I hope to do the same.

What photo to share today? How about Scout eating my laptop?

ETA: Thanks for the cheering up comments. I survived the day. Cali has a drop dead gorgeous dress within her budget (thanks to ProfessorNana ponying up half the cost). Now I get to watch Dr. Horrible....

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