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Friday Five

Jumping on the Friday Five bandwagon along with all y'all (notice the use of the plural form of y'all):

1. WFMAD update for Day #18: writing like mad this morning (though taking a break now to watch an old Will and Grace, one of the live episodes). Tackled some appended matter this morning since I m wanting some editor feedback on the chapters already done before beginning another). So, more than 1000 words on Appendix B and Appendix A about done. I am reading about all you guys writing 5000 a day and wonder this: are you able to just lock a door and hide out? If so, would you enjoy the company of two teens? And a cat or two? And the phone?

2. I read this book yesterday: DOPPLE GANGER by G. P. Taylor. It is a curoius hybrid of graphic novel, illustrated chapter book and novel. The Dopple twins are orphans, Sadie and Saskia. The orphanage is like something out of Dickens crossed with Mean Girls. Saskia is adopted by Muzz Elliott, separating her from Sadie for the first time in their lives. Sadie escapes from the orphanage with the assistance of Erik Ganger. Saskia, alone in a spooky house with Muzz Elliott, finds herself in the middle of a murderous plot while Sadie and Erik face a demented illusionist. Loads of action and adventure and evil villains sufficient to sustain this opening book into a series. First book due out in September 2008 from Tyndale.

3. Scout's latest antics this moring involved trying to vault himself to the top of the cabinet above the toilet in our bathroom. His front claws found an edge to hang onto; the rest of his body stretched down the outside of the cabinet until I managed to reach him before he fell. See why my writing is interrupted?

4. Tomorrow is the Bridal Extravaganza. Cali, her sisters, her future MIL, one of her bridesmaids, and I will get to spend hours looking at al things bridal. Pray for me, please.

5. One final Scout story (can you stand it?). He drinks from faucets. Last night, he used his "arm" to move the faucet into a better position for him to slurp. Hubby says this is a behavior from the wild. Don't know that I have seen too many leopards finding faucets in the wild. Here is Scout doing his thing.

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