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Scout does not like it when I am reading he is ready to play. He comes up to me, puts a paw on the edge of the book and pushes down. Folks, it works like a charm. I stop reading and play for a while. He tries the same technique with the laptop, too. Persistent little devil.

I forgot to post about this book from ALA:

At the end of the first volume of this singular work, Octavain has escaped from the members of the College of Lucidity. Now with his former tutor, Dr. Trefusis, Octavian arrives in Boston. Octavian joins forces with a Loyalist navy regiment because the slaves are promised freedom in exchange for their service to the Crown. However, the battles do not go as planned and Octavian witnesses the horrors of war (in some ways reminiscent of Gary Paulsen's A SOLDIER'S HEART).

What struck me here was the afterword by Anderson who writes that if this were a fantasy novel, there would be a third book in which Octavian battled against evil and was victorious. Unfortunately, history is not something that can be readily manipulated so the story ends as it must. There is hope, of course. However, that hope is tempered with reality: if we wish to be the first generation not to "despoil", we must make changes. How that echoes today!

Anderson's novel is not for the faint of heart. It is one that requires total attention (and sometimes a dictionary). However, the reward is there for those who wish to return to this incredibly rich story.
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