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WFMAD, minus one day

Well, it was bound to happen: no time for writing yesterday. Head cold combined with office work combined with phone call from sister, etc. It is called LIFE, I think. It interrupts. At any rate, I woke up about 2 this morning remembering that I had not found time to write yesterday. So, I doubled up this morning to assuage my guilt. I know I am not supposed to be guilty, but it is hard-wired in. In any event, I am back on track, I hope.

Hope to finish up a book or audiobook later today as well.

Here is a photo of the other feline family member, Rocky. Rocky is 17 years old. Scout has taken over her house and she is, quite frankly, too old to care. She tolerates his alpha male stuff most of the time and occasionally smacks him down. She is a sweetie who was much like Scout when she was a kitten.

Edited to add:

Had a hair cut, lunch with my pal Lois, did some shopping, and came home to hit the keyboard again. I am pleased fo report that Chapter Three is now completely drafted! On to a new chapter in the morning. Feeling less guilty.
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