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the trouble with sequels

C.C., as Cyd Charisse now prefers to be called, first warmed the hearts of readers in Rachel Cohn's GINGERBREAD. She returns from NY to reunite with her love Shrimp in this sequel named after the object of CC's affection. Shrimp has returned from Papua New Guinea with his long lost parents. CC hopes for an immediate reconciliation but it is not to be. The road to bliss has lots of bumps as does this sequel. While I loved hearing CC's voice return as the narrator, this book dragged in places and had some characters who seemed almost ancillary to the story, more props than peeps. Anyone who has endured Son of Lassie knows the pitfalls with sequels. There need to be new challenges and new opportunities if readers are to be re-engaged in a sequel. I just do not see that in SHRIMP.

With another day before the hurricane makes landfall, there will be time to do some more reading, I suspect. Stay tuned...........
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