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WFMAD update for a lazy Saturday

It was lovely to sleep in this morning until after 7! I am still in jammies and sitting in bed with the laptop humming away. I graded work for my classes, answered email, read my f-list postings on LJ. I spent some time with the book, too. More than 600 words today. Chapter Three is nearing the finish line. Now comes the scary part: sending the first few chapters off to my editor to see if all this work has been for naught or if I am on the right track. Gulp!

I think I will shut this thing down for a while. It is already blazing hot outside and, even with the laptop stand, this adds some more heat. Time for ice tea and a cool book, I think.

Here is a photo of my new grandniece: Julia Grace (I love the name). She arrived on the Fourth of July. I cannot wait to go see her.

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