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checking in with my writing

My 15 minutes was interrupted this morning by Scout (OK, that's par for the course). We played the dish towel game. He settled down. Then, for some reason, my husband decided to watch TV in the living room not 10 feet from where I was working. So, I finally tuned out the Today Show and got some writing time in. Scout is now heading off to do porch patrol. We have a handful of cats who come to our porch and sun themselves and tease him mercilessly. We creeps to the front windows and stares at them and follows them from the window in one room to another. This happens quite a few times during the day. I think they provide his exercise. My only concern is that these cats are basically homeless (our neighbor puts out food for them as do I from time to time) and when the weather is too hot or too wet...I cannot stand to see animals not cared for properly.

In any event, I wrote and hope to get back later today and finish off the Chapter.

Time spent: 17 minutes
Words wrought: 250 (but they seem to be fairly decent ones)

Here is our Ambassador, Jon Scieszka, with his latest book KNUCKLEHEAD, a hilarious and must read.

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