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where is Rita going?

Spent today reading and watching news about the impending hurricane. The book was totally absorbing, thankfully. BALL DON'T LIE by Matt de la Pena is the story of Sticky, a kid trapped in the foster system whose only relief is playing ball at the Rec Center. The center is not exactly a haven as the players who show up there are not always nice people who only want to play ball. However, for Sticky it is a place to hone his craft and maybe make it to the bigs. Sticky's story unfolds very slowly, almost painfully, as painful as Sticky's life has been to date. Sticky has some good friends on and off the court, especially Anh Thu, his girlfriend. de la Pena has crafted an excellent novel smack full of playahs and plays and compelling characters. Anyone who is a fan of the game will appreciate the attention to detail the author beings to the story of Sticky and his redemption.
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