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Took my 15 minutes early this morning so we could head off to west Texas before the heat got too terrible. Wrote about 500 words in the 15 or so minutes and am beginning to make headway in Chapter Three. Are all these words the right ones? Nope. But Laurie Halse Anderson has encouraged us to keep writing and not obsess over the right word when we can. Sometimes I have to obsess, don't you? Occasionally, I put a blank in the sentence hoping it will come to me later. More ofter than not, though, I obsess. I even asked hubby today for a word I was searching for, Shoulda known better since he had not emptied the coffee pot yet and was, thus, not fully awake.

Despite hunting for the word, I managed to find my way into the new-ish Chapter. After this one is drafted, I will need to go back and do some revisions and look at these first 3 chapters as a whole.

Off to bathe and pack the computer. Tomorrow will be tough as I begin the workshop early and will be brain dead at the end, but I will try to find my 15 minutes somehow.
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