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the bunnies are back

I was killing some time this morning at Borders and ended up with 2 books. One of them was RETURN OF THE BUNNY SUICIDES by Andy Riley. This is a sequel to a book that was one of my favorite QP titles from last year. I no sooner had it out of the bag when the kids took off with it. Even my hubby, who does not share my warped, dark sense of humor, read it. He did not laugh like the kids did. I nominated it for QP 2005. It is hysterical and I needed a funny book after cracking a tooth this weekend and, I think, getting an eye infection (I look a bit like Popeye). I have 3 books going right now. LULU DARK CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS is the bathroom book. It is another QP nomination and I am starting to get into the story. BALL DON'T LIE is in the living room and will probably be the one I take to the dentist tomorrow. Then somewhere is SHRIMP, a book I started and have not managed to complete yet. It is just not as engaging as GINGERBREAD was.

I did participate tonight in an online chat at YA authors cafe and had a ball. It was fun seeing lots of folks I knew joining in the conversation about banned books. You can check it out and see the printout of our conversation at the web site. Now, I need to rest my good eye. G'night.
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