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and on the fifth day...

I finished the first draft of Chapter Two. Lots of words today, perhaps because I could see a sort of finish line for this chapter. I know I will have to go back some time and revisit it, but it felt good to come to one end and face another beginning. Since this is a professional book, I do have a proposal from which to work. So, chapter 3 will not be a totally blank page. However, if this book goes the way of the first two (and I have no reason to believe it will not), there will be many changes between the proposal and the final product. But Chapter 3 has an opening paragraph, a place I can pick up tomorrow.

It is amazing I got this far today as Scout wanted to play. First, he resorted to his usual ploy: knock over things that will make noise as they bounce off the new floors. His final attempt, the one that worked, was to emit his "I am in awful pain" meow. When I went to see what was wrong, I found him sprawled on the counter. I approached him and extended a hand to rub his head. He clutched my arm with his front paws and bit me. He does neither at full strength (else I would be getting stitches), but it is his signal that I had better play the dish towel game now or give up any hope of peace. We played. He is now content with chasing his older sister around the house.

</a P.S. My niece had her baby girl yesterday afternoon. Julia (born on the 4th of July) weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. Mother and Dad and Baby all fine. Sister now Grandma, too.
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