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Day 4

Some observations about my quirky writing habits:

1. I am easily distracted. Of course, part of that is due to the fact that there are constant distractions here at home. Scout has learned to open the cabinet where we store trash in order to get the empty food cans and give them one more going over for scraps. The resident teens can make closing a drawer sound like gunfire. And today the distraction was the text from my sister that my niece has gone into labor.

2. If I am picking up where I left off the day before, things run more smoothly and flow better than if I am confronting a totally blank page.

3. Time passes more quickly than I think (I try hard not to look at the clock but there is one in the corner of the computer screen). Thus my 15 minutes often morphs into more.

4. More often than not, I come back several times after the allotted time.

5. I am grateful to Laurie for getting us started and for the reminders.
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