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writing challenge Day #2

Another day, another 15+ minutes spent on WIP. However, my minutes are not always consecutive. I wrote my first book with constant interruptions since Nat was only 10 at the time. I think I learned how to negotiate/navigate with that level of distraction. This morning I had a solid 5 minutes before the residents of the back room emerged. So, I took a break and did laundry and then returned with only Scout "helping" me. I am making headway slowly but surely.

A related topic: what would you like to see in a professional book about helping motivate readers (middle and high school) and then also helping them to develop as readers? I, of course, have some thoughts, but would love any ideas you might possess.

Here is a photo of the Tween Precon participants responding to a request to share embarrassing, happy, sad, or other memories from their tweenage years.

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