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preconference highlights

Tune in later today or tomorrow for photos,(ETA: they should appear here now) but the preconference is winding down now. This morning we listened and roared with laughter. Ditto the afternoon. It all began when we made all the participants leave the room so that it could be reset.

That did put us off schedule immediately but we are flexible folks and managed to get back on schedule by lunch time. Lisa Yee kicked things off with her Peepy in place on the podium (do not read that last sentence out loud, OK?).

Then Amy Goldman Koss showed off her new dress and tights and made us all laugh with rueful recognition. Lisie Harrison rounded off the morning.

After lunch, we needed reawakening. Enter Jon Scieszka and Bruce Hale and Ingrid Law. Then, a panel fielded questions before we sent all participants off with bags of swag.

Here is the illustrious panel of experts: Natalie Hoyle, Catherine Schaeffer, Jerene Battisti, Mary Burkey, and Jenine Lillian: as they answer questions and talk about tween and teen programming.

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