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welcome to ALA and Disneyland

The flight took off and landed on time (wow). I read gobs of the new installment in the Octavian Nothing series by Tobin Anderson and will more than likely finish that off tomorrow. Now, I am in my hotel room across from the entrance to Disney. There are other librarians here. You can tell us apart from the others as none of us are wearing MM ears (yet). My sister is coming to take me out to an early dinner, bless her heart. Then, it is back to work on preconference and grading and the other tasks.

ALA is underway for me Friday morning, so look for postings (and some podcasts if I get the chance) from the preconference and the Odyssey reception that day. For now, I will sign off. M-I-C, see you real soon online, K-E-Y? Because I am hungry... M-O-U-S-E, showing my age...
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