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the odd world of Bruce Coville

In addition to his novels and to his fabulous audiobooks with Full Cast Audio, Bruce Coville writes wonderful story collections. His latest ODDEST OF ALL (Harcourt, 2008) is aptly titled. Six of the nine stories are revised editions from previous anthlogies. The final three are new for this collection and are not only odd but artful and riveting. The Mask of Eamonn Tiyado is a title that is a play on words from a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale (it took me a minute to get it, too). Herbert Hutchison in the Underworld gives new meaning to throwing away the chances one has to redeem himself. The final story, The Boy with the Silver Eyes, is as magical as the unicorns who are at the heart of the tale. Some stories are humorous, some have bite, some are bittersweet. All deserve a place in the reading lives of tweens and teens.

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