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nothing is ever black and white

Read Paul Volponi's BLACK AND WHITE today. It is nominated for the QP list but is one of those books I postponed reading. The cover seemed rather uninteresting to me. However, the story is much more interesting. Marchs (Black) and Eddie (White) have been best friends and players on the same team for years. Their friends simply call them Black and White. Now it is senior year, and things should be golden for them both as the college scouts come to games looking for talent to sign. However, Eddie and Marcus have a dirty little secret about to be exposed: they have been holding up people at gunpoint and robbing them to get money for fees and new kicks. Now, one of their victims has been shot and he recognizes Marcus as one of the criminals. Marcus is arrested and refuses to name his accomplice. Eddie sits tight allowing his friend to take the heat, but eventually the law catches up to him, too. Now both are facing trials and/or prison. Told in alternating chapters by both boys, this is a fast moving story that offers some rare insights in to the minds and morality of teens who have not yet fully developed a sense of right and wrong, of black and white in terms of decision-making. I am anxious to hear teen feedback on this one. The adult part of me wanted to smack them both, but I suspect that it will ring true for younger readers.
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