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some fun for the little ones

Ellen Myrick sent me a small packet of books today. From North-South come these books that will entertain and maybe cause a giggle or two.

This board book shows the details of life in a medieval castle. It folds out and can even be fashioned into a circle similar to the roundabout books of old.

MY LITTLE BOOK OF CHINESE WORDS is a terrific concept book that shows the ancient character, the modern one, the words in English and the Chinese pronunciation on one half of the double page spreads. The facing page features an illustration of the word. White characters against a stark black background will make it easier to see the art that is present in the Chinese characters.

Finally, we have FARLEY FARTS, a comic take on an age old problem. Farley the frog has a bad case of gas. It causes bubbles in the pond and makes his classmates giggle and squirm. Farley ultimately decides he must hold in the gas with disastrous results.

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