March 18th, 2020

Monday cat

How to break quarantine without dire results

It has only been 3 days since I last left the house. I have certainly gone longer than this before. I spent more than 2 weeks at a time during my chemo. I spent months between the hospital and rehab. I had no choice but to stay where I was then. So why am I having a challenge now? I suspect it has to do with me thinking, "Oh, I can run down to the _____ and get _____ done." I cannot do that as I have pledged to self-quarantine and because I know my presence at home might result in fewer cases of the virus.

But I did get a much needed break from isolation today with my Facebook Live session this afternoon. Dozens of people joined me to consider questions about approaches and resources to taking classes online. For 30 minutes, people asked questions. Others offered answers, too. This is the collaboration and collegiality that keeps me teaching year after year. I love the folks with whom I work. And this year, I am missing them due to conference cancellations. Today, though, I saw students, former and current; colleagues from professional organizations; and new friends i know only online.

Watching Kylene Beers with Donalyn Miller (yesterday) on their Facebook Live visas close to sitting down with them that I imagine we will get for several months. In the meantime, I will enjoy this break from my Cave of Solitude. Now I will break away with some reading...