February 16th, 2020

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So, in the last post I noted that i had broken my shoulder. I had surgery in December (finally) and am now finishing up my physical therapy. I am back to weeding, shelving, and book talking. That meant that last week I was able to announce the undergrads attending Donuts with the Dean that around the corner from their gathering were some books to float on. I had been working hard to load up those shelves while making room for the new books. Students came by and took some books, grabbing the picture books first (more in a later post about why that is). However, a few minutes after the mass exit for classes, there was a quiet knock on my door. An undergrad asked if she could talk to me.

I must admit that I have missed working FTF with undergrads. At one time, I was the lead teacher for the undergrad lit classes. Those classes were eliminated when the state cut back the number of hours undergrads could have; I moved to grad classes, and grad classes moved online. So I was thrilled to havhicver have." What she was looking for, it turns out, is some reader's guidance. She wished to start reading, recognizing that it was essential for her as an educator to also be a reader.

We talked about starting with some short texts about topics of interest to her. I mentioned picture books, graphic novels, and novels in verse. She seemed hesitant, but then noticed two books on the book cart in my office that caught her attention. One was a picture book written by Lupita Nyong'o and the other was a slim novel in verse whose title escapes me for now. She took the 2 books with her, promising to return when she finished reading them to let me know how that went. I admit that I am anxious to hear her "reviews."

And so this week I will add to the books that need to float on. Who knows what lives these books might touch as they float on?
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