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Chipmunks and the Blue Dog

Greetings from Lafayette, Louisiana. In a few minutes my hosts here will come and take me out to dinner at the Blue Dog Cafe. I have always wanted to go there. I love the paintings of Blue Dog that adorn many areas of Louisiana, so this should be fun. I have an all day workshop with teachers tomorrow here in Lafayette Parish so I drove over from Houston this morning. The drive was relatively simple and gave me time to listen to an audiobook I will post about later.

Got to the room and read this book.

I was concerned as it is #3 and the end of a trilogy. Not to worry as there was plenty of info to let me know the story up to this book. In a strange combination of GN format and standard text, readers will learn about the Fog Mound and the heroic efforts of a group of talking animals to save what is left of Earth from predators that include giant robots and ratminks and giant crabs. Lots of action and adventure with talking animals of all kinds. The end is a bit didactic as we learn how Earth came to its ruin. However, I doubt that young readers will notice how heavy the hand is.
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