December 19th, 2015

reading ladders

Random Thoughts

How can we have STEM without nourishing the ROOTS first?

How can we ensure ACCESS to books for ALL kids?

How do we provide CHOICE?

How can kids CHOOSE books if they do not KNOW books?

How do we encourage all forms of RESPONSE?

How do we ourselves carve out TIME to read?

How can we help kids carve out that TIME?

These thoughts have been swirling as I have listened to presentations this week and even as I presented myself. The brain threads have been encouraged by Donalyn and Katherine posing questions and resounding to thoughts of others. And they careen around corners of the brain as I delve into a new book. The bottom line question keeps coming back to me first. How did I get to this point as a reader? What happened along the way to encourage me as a reader? How did I cope with the obstacles to reading along the way? Why did my identity as a reader flourish while others seem to have lost their way? What can I do to support another reader's identity?

I do not have a lot of answers, but I do think the questions are on the right track.