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It is hard to describe this quirky novel and the quirky characters who inhabit it. Storky (uh, Mike) is trying to navigate the waters of high school. How can he tell his long time friend Gina that he wants to be more than friends? What can he do when Rex stands at attention during Spanish class when Mike is at the board conjugating verbs? Is his mother really interested in dating his dentist? And how can he tell his father that their Sunday evenings should be spent alone and not in the company of Dad's latest bimbo? All these questions and some others are answered in this funny book that shows there is hope even for the Storkies of the world. In some ways the book reminded me of ASH by Lisa Fraustino because the main characters in both rely on journal entries to make some sense of their worlds. I also saw some parallels to Lubar's SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LIE, more of connections between the books actually since STORKY predates FRESHMEN. It is nice to be reading and thinking about other books I could recommend to kids who love this irreverent, funny, warm, and weird novel.
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